This FounderChurch Teaching Blog Site contains a number of teachings of great value to Conservative Believers of all persuasions and points of view. The first and most important teaching is that as Conservative Believers we should willingly take the same "Founders Oath" word for word that all the signers of our Declaration of Independence signed.
By this act of treason to the King of England they immediately put a price on each and every one of all their heads and branded themselves as "Wanted: Dead or Alive". Here is that oath just as it appears at the very end of the Declaration of Independence:
"We hereby pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." Our Founders in doing this sentenced themselves to death to create, secure and forever protect our Republic of these United States of America. Can we today do any less?
The Articles that appear on this site may be added to and edited from time to time as need arises and time permits.
Founder Church is a non-profit civic, charitable and religious organization. All donations, tithes, bequests or gifts to advance this work are appreciated. There are many and varied Ministries to get involved in.
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All Faiths One

All Faiths One

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