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Universe of Binary Law

Universe of Binary Law

Understanding the binary interaction between explosion (fire) and implosion (gravity) is to understand what makes the Universe move and create expand and contract, which facilitates and mirrors the the binary interaction between good and evil (fire and gravity). 

Gravity is the spirit of slavery, and Fire is the creative spirit of God. Gravity breaks down and contracts, while fire creates and expands. Gravity is inward looking toward inert matter, Fire is outward looking toward matter in motion creating things. Fire fuels everything, gravity fuels nothing. One is constantly building up and the other is constantly tearing down. 

Both Fire and Gravity serve the Creator, one by constant expansion, the other by constant contraction. What goes up must come down. Gravity enslaves, Fire liberates. Each uses the material of the universe, but in a different way, and with a different purpose in mind. One can be thought of as functionally Good, and the other as functionally Evil. 

The goal of mankind, (like all matter,) is to escape the bounds of gravity. Gravity is not anti-mater so much as it is a conserver of matter in the worst sense of conservation. It is a conserver in the sense of locking up, and keeping away from use, which is not a good sense. To preserve something in a proper way is to use it, while to waste it is to lock it away from use. Gravity works to lock matter away, forbidding its use, while the Fire of Creation releases captive matter that Gravity tries to hoard for itself. 

Bound up in these matters of Natural Law is the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, and Mystery of Super-Natural Law. 

The rising up of the slaves of Gravity represents creative matter fighting back against "evil" confinement. The destructive-constructive power of water is part of this tug of war between Fire and Gravity. Water is used by Gravity to counter fire. One form of this can be seen in the collected waters of glaciers being released by the fire of volcanic eruptions that then create great and destructive raging floods. 

The molten fire innards of planets, and stars is constantly at war with gravity, but ironically gravity itself in compacting dense matter creates thereby the heat that starts the furnaces burning that  turn into volcanic eruptions. 

Thus the universe can be seen as a perpetual motion machine producing constant contraction, leading to the generation of heat that then leads to fire explosions. The sun is producer of all our energy that grows our crops of food, and produces all we have.  

We are all alive because we are small furnaces that resist the cold drag of gravity. That we can stand upright, defeats gravity which wants to pull us down into the center of the earth. And the very definition of  death is that the fire in our furnace goes out, such that  we become cold to the touch. That is what death is all about, the cold of that long last goodnight. 

Now, why is all this important to understand? Because in this time of the worship of random this, and random that, and meaningless this, and meaningless that, we need to find our bearings, to anchor our minds and souls on some surer ground...